Monday, August 28, 2006

Union of Heaven and Earth - Part 1

Universal Love and Compassion
For me and many others, the awareness of the Union of Heaven and Earth fits into our present day journey to a higher awareness.

Heaven = higher consciousness
Earth = physical consciousness
Union of Heaven & Earth = God making his dwelling inside us; universal love and compassion =
Satyayuga (can we really know what it will be?] = the Natives’ prophesied age of Peace, Wisdom, Harmony and Balance

Once Kundalini (the feminine mothering, nurturing energy within) has been awakened, joins with Spirit and they rise together to pierce and flow out of the crown chakra (Sahasrara) at a point above the mind, our ‘yoga’ occurs, or in other words, union with the Divine Power of Creation. In my experience, the actuality and establishment of our self-realization is the first stage of the Union of Heaven and Earth taking place within us.

Self-realization and meditation
After this awakening (self-realization) occurs, it becomes much easier for us to hear the Grandfather, the Small Voice within, Spirit The Collective Being, and that of the other powers of creation which are continuously giving us clues and signals in our daily life. We need to be alert and tune in, but that can happen only at the point of absolute stillness in the centre of our being, the point of reality.

This point can be found in the state of meditation, which is a spontaneous, natural result of the self-realization process. Once we have established our self-realization within, the meditative state can be achieved and maintained throughout the day as we move through our mundane activities at home and at work. And you will find that this state is pleasantly infectious!

To achieve this state is to become the hollow bone, the hollow flute, for the Divine Powers to work through us for our growth, healing and benevolence, and the benefits naturally flow out to those around us, our communities, our city, our country.

I feel the Union of Heaven and Earth, also being part of indigenous prophecies from various points around the world, involves in part the merging of Left and Right Sides [Respectively, Ida Nadi (moon & feminine powers, the past, conditionings, inner patterns, emotions, superego) with Pingala Nadi (sun & masculine powers, the future, thinking, planning, action, ego)]. This occurs at a higher point of awareness through the central channel, Shushumna Nadi [energy of integration and evolution, the present moment], to a point well above the mind. This higher awareness is not informed by the mind (mind which is coloured by our past, our conditionings, our fears and insecurities, our ego, future expectations or projections, patterns of thoughts or behaviour, our insatiable wants, etc). Actually, it could only be informed by Spirit, the highest power, the Collective Being, God Almighty, Wakan Tanka, Allah, the One – by whatever name you call the Creator.

Walking in a Good Way – walking in a Sacred Way
I feel the Union of Heaven and Earth within us is based in the true meditative state. This state has been known in some deep ways of spirituality, from east or west, and could also be what the Native Indians call ‘walking in a good or sacred way’ - that is in Sahaj terminology being connected to the deeper, higher subtleties and truth of all dimensions of our awareness - physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual - with complete attention to the Divine signals and clues (or messages and guidance from Grandfathers and Spirits); all this while being completely still and silent inside, no desires, no worries, no thoughts; ultimately, rising above even that to become completely alert and living in the present moment as pure, powerful instruments of the Divine Power. In other ways, I feel it may also involve aspects of the collective unconscious (the archetypal realm informing our lives, the awareness of which is relatively quite strong in indigenous peoples' general awareness) coming up from the darkness into the light of collective consciousness, as well as the reverse, the light of collective consciousness permeating the darkness of the unconscious.

Here are a few related quotes by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“Nature knows everything and what informs Nature is Paramchaitanya.” [Paramchaitanya is at the core of all creation; it’s beyond known laws of science, it’s the Creator’s all-pervading Divine consciousness]

“You get the bliss of Spirit if you become of sound body, pure mind and egoless. The only thing you can do is to enter into His Kingdom and become a part and parcel of that blissful domain. What to do after getting realisation? After receiving, you must give.”

"Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside – we have to go within.”

“Innately, within us, resides the Spirit which wants to enlighten you, to give you the peace, the bliss and the joy of our being.”

“Let us now go to the state which is beyond words, beyond thoughts, into the realm of thoughtless awareness where the Divine is pouring its blessings.”

"Nature knows everything. Paramchaitanya informs the Nature. Adi Shakti is reflected in us as Adi Kundalini…..Adi Shakti is the feminine aspect of the Divine Power…Kundalini is Her power of desire for us to ascend spiritually.”

Elements of the union – becoming One
I’ve provided below some expressions and manifestations (in no particular order) as may correspond to various aspects of Heaven and Earth (in religion, science and life experience). I am attaching no superiority or inferiority to any these complementary qualities, nor do I make any claim that what is listed here is complete or correct, but present these different correlations only for consideration and reflection on this Union - a Divine orchestration of integration at a point and in a dimension which is beyond Heaven and Earth – a completely new level of human consciousness.

HEAVEN: The ways and powers of Vishnu (spec. the Hindu Trimurti Lord Brahmadeva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva), the uncreated (the Divine Father)
EARTH: The ways and powers of Mother Earth / Mother Nature’s creation; the created (the Divine Mother)

EARTH: Humanity

HEAVEN: Eternal archetypal realm, transcendental spiritual powers and awareness
EARTH: Temporal world, ordinary worldly life and mundane knowledge of existence

HEAVEN: Primal power of Yang (masculine principle), light-giving, active, strong, firm, movement, unrestricted energy, gives, developer, initiator
EARTH: Primal power of Yin (feminine principle), yielding yet strong, receptive, nurturing, gentle, tireless, devoted, embraces all things, moderate, correct, births and gives form, opening out to allow light to enter

HEAVEN: Light principle, illumination, sound
EARTH: Form, substance, dark principle

HEAVEN: Brahman, the One, such spirituality
EARTH: The individual, all things in Nature, such spirituality

HEAVEN: Power of Spirit
EARTH: Power of Nature

HEAVEN: The Source
EARTH: The reflection of the Source

HEAVEN: The subtle
EARTH: The gross

HEAVEN: The Infinite, unlimited, unquantifiable, timeless
EARTH: The Finite, limited, quantifiable, timely

HEAVEN: Pure Oneness and Unity; non-dualism; being completely one with all objects of creation
EARTH: The Individual; dualism; separate and individual from all objects of creation

HEAVEN: Ascetic
EARTH: Celebratory

HEAVEN: Dispensations from powers of Heaven
EARTH: Bringing forth by powers of Mother Earth

Shri Mataji has said, "Sahaja Yoga is only one of my aspects" - it feels like we are now being shown more, being taken much higher than we can conceive of.

Jai Shri Mataji! Mitakuye Oyasin!


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