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The Good Red Road and Gnyana Marga

Sahaja Yoga and Indigenous Culture – Similarities between


In the traditional Native Indian worldview, there are many references for following the Good Red Road. It is important to follow the Good Red Road so as to lead a spiritually balanced, harmonious, respectful, fulfilling, meaningful, respectable life of growth and progression into wisdom and maturity. Aspects of the Good Red Road include:
- The colour Red is one of the sacred Native colours which generally represents the main direction East, and also symbolizes Light, victory, success, new awareness – part of achievement of living by the Red Road
- The Good Red Road runs from the South to the North in the circle of the Medicine Wheel.

Some qualities of living the Good Red Road:

- it's innate, holistic and completely natural.
- includes living in such a way that supports and promotes our connection with God the Father, God the Mother, plus all other aspects of the Creator present in and around us.
- living alert and attentive with full acceptance of the lessons of the Creator, Mother Nature, life’s usual ups and downs.
- respecting, acknowledging, connecting with, and communicating with the sacred through our every prayer, action and word – every day, in every moment. The sacred is present everywhere and in everyone and our connection with the sacred, the Creator, promotes ‘good medicine’ and healing on all levels.
- being alert to the subtle signals of Mother Nature and Spirit which guide us and protect us
- fulfilling our role properly by respecting our strengths and developing them, correcting our weaknesses and leaving the negative behind – firmly, confidently, but with humility so as not to disturb or harm others.
- knowing that we are part and parcel of the Creator, that we are surrounded by reflections of the Creator (stones, rivers, animals, plants, mountains etc. and other people). All these are our brothers and sisters, we tend and care for them in our ways, they care for us and provide for us in their ways, but there is no differentiation - all are interconnected. This knowledge and view is beautifully summed up by the Lakota when they say “Mitakuye Oyasin” or “All My Relations” (which is also used in the same way as Amen after important words are spoken).
- all humans through their many circles of association, collectively and individually, should contribute to and be a good example of right relations with the Creator, toward creation, including especially Mother Earth and all Her creaturely life, and between people, nations, tribes, and individuals. All should reverence the Creator/Great Spirit with their every breath.

· Black Elk's visions directed him to help the nation "go back into the sacred hoop and find the good red road, the shielding tree"; also reveal the favourable path into the future, this being the religiously prescribed path, a path envisioned as contributing to shared well-being, including contributing to the well-being of future generations of humans and to the well-being of others of creation. Black Elk called this path the good red road.
· Black Elk saw himself under obligation to "help to bring my people back into the sacred hoop, that they might again walk the red road in a sacred manner pleasing to the Powers of the Universe that are One Power". According to Black Elk's visions, walking the red road will bring the nation "into the sacred hoop" thereby enabling "the sacred tree" to live and to "leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds".


The Gnyana Marga is the road of knowledge, wisdom, discretion and actual connection with God - that is Sahaj Yoga; it’s the road by which you get the subtle knowledge of one’s self, one’s purpose and direction, of life and the world. On July 29, 2001, Shri Mataji described the following qualities and aspects of the Gnyana Marga path - excerpts follow:

"Attention to maintaining and saving the dharma - the good and right conduct, the balanced and wise righteousness – which means the evolutionary process of human beings
- We rise above all these material, physical, mental, emotional - all these problems facing us - into a new higher realm of spirituality
- It’s a very good understanding, if you have, that who is your relation, who is your brother, who is your sister.
- It's the discretion, the Gnyana Marg is the central path by which you evolve, you evolve into a new state of your mind, a new state of your being, by which you become absolutely above every nonsense. Also you are endowed with power to fight whatever is bad, whatever is corrupting, whatever is killing this one. At that stage, you are equipped with a divine power that you can finish off anything that is negative around you.
- That’s a state - not just talking, not just believing that I am that, but it’s an actual state of awareness. If you come up to that state where you are beyond all these things and you have all the knowledge, pure knowledge, the real knowledge, the subtle knowledge of being, this is the Gnyana Marg.

...Every one, every person can go into Gyana Marg . It is innately built within us, this evolutionary attainment. It is within us and all of us can have that. Only thing is we have no confidence perhaps that we go on avoiding it and go to cheaper things.
- Gnyana is the knowledge which is the purest, which is the real knowledge, that you can only get through your ascent. If you go on denying it you cannot make out. But everyone has right to get it. You need not be educated, or a very simple person, or very rich or poor. As long as you are a humble human being thinking that you have to achieve that state, you all can get that state where you become absolutely knowledgeable - about yourself, about others, about everything that goes around. But this state must be maintained, and try to go above that state where you have no more doubts left in you.
- Other human awareness is of a no value for a human personality. Now he knows something, say, how many miles it is from here to New York or what trains go there - all this knowledge is not real; how much this cloth will cost, how much this carpet will cost, in what shop you can get (it) - all this knowledge is just useless, is not the real knowledge.
- What a gnyani knows is the knowledge about your being, knowledge about the whole universe, the subtle inner personality of everything. In that subtlety, he discovers so many new things which he may not even heard about. People know so many things, but they don’ know the actual. This knowledge doesn’t come through your reading or intellectual pursuit or emotional movement. It is all the time there. It exists. It will exist. And it is just to be understood, just to be known to yourself what it is. It cannot change. It cannot be remoulded. It is what it is. And that is what you know now, achieve now.

...So what should be the state? What should be the condition? You should do ananya bhakti. Word is ananya - ananya means when there is not the other, when we are one, when we are connected, then the bhakti [loving devotion] you do that time, whatever music you have of devotion, whatever flowers you give, whatever expression you have, it should be ananya. Do ananya bhakti – “Whatever you give Me” – He’ll [Creator-God] take everything. He’s the one who is the Only. When you do ananya bhakti means when you are one with God. That means you are connected with Him.
- It’s not an outward showing, changing your dress, nothing like that - but actually ananya bhakti is within yourself, when you are within that state, are one with the Divine. Unless and until that state you have achieved and established, it doesn’t give you anything.
- And when you are one with God, then what does He give you? He won’t give you cheap things which will vanish in no time, but of some eternal nature. So He gives you peace, peace of the heart, balance, a tranquil temperament, joy of life. All these things are there within us if we have the bhakti which is after being united.

...Those who go on working mad, absolute madly think they are doing, serving the nation, serving this, may get money, maybe a good house, maybe all these things but you don’t get peace of heart, or peace of mind, or joy, that joy which has no boundaries, which cannot be explained, which cannot be described, that boundless joy, you don’t have. And you don’t get that eternal peace which can stop wars. Completely it can abolish this cruel nature of human beings.
- You get the powers, the knowledge, the subtle knowledge about everyone. You know about everyone, where are they missing the point. You know about yourself and about others. This knowledge you get, not in the college or in the schools, but within yourself is the ocean of knowledge and whichever way you want to see, whichever you want to achieve, is there, there present. That is what is the real knowledge, the subtle knowledge. Your whole attitude changes and what you get is nothing but a kind of a tranquil mind which knows everything that is to be known.

...Now this country of yours, America, is very kharmakandi . It goes on doing work, work, work. They’re workaholics. They work so hard and what do you get? You get children who are drug addicts, wives who are running here and there, broken families and no peace. Only thing is that so far this country is being protected in a way, but also you have destroyed so many aboriginals, so many fundamental things that you should have preserved.
- Get the treasures of your being which are within you, which will give you all the comfort, all the joy and all the supremacy that any amount of money, any amount of power can’t give.
- So your pure desire should be to be one with the Divine. That is how it will work out.
- The discrimination between good and bad becomes one in your mind, becomes one of your inner temperament, then you are always very much satisfied because you know you are not doing something which is wrong.

...On vibrations you can judge everything so clearly, so beautifully. Others may not agree with you, that’s a different point; but you know what is right and what is wrong.
- So try to be in a way just in the centre, watching everything, if there’s aggression or if there’s recession (reception) - one of the two things: you must not give in to any of these attitudes, but develop an attitude of standing very firmly on your own grounds, not to bend to something because somebody is aggressive and also not to aggress others, not to torture others, not to sit on somebody’s head
- Now America is the Vishuddhi of the whole world, so it is very important that the people here should know all the powers of Vishuddhi, plus how to preserve it and how to expand it to the whole world.
- Only in the hands first, you see the cool breeze. That means it is you feel the Universal Power of the Divine in your life. So this is the collective, Universal Love that comes to your hands and teaches you.
- Create a great understanding for world problems and try to give love to all the people from whatever country they will be coming.

May God bless you all."
-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, July 29, 2001

Jai Shri Mataji!

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