Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Great Spiritual Leader and Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Met with Chiefs and Members of the Gabrielino/Shoshone and Tongva Nations in 1993.

Notes taken by Geoff Godfrey, an English Sahaja Yogi who traveled with Shri Mataji on Her tour of 1993 to the USA.


During Her 1993 tour, Shri Mataji met Native American Indians from the Gabrielino/Shoshone and Tongua Nations. She received gifts from both groups, which included a sage plant. This is used as a sacred healing and ceremonial plant of all native peoples. After this the meeting began. Shri Mataji recounted how when she first visited the Americas, She had asked to meet with indigenous peoples. She was shown museums where even there, the faces were white American faces, dressed up. "The bureaucracy has to be challenged," said Shri Mataji, looking directly at the guests, "the people in America are all immigrants. This is your land, you are the native peoples. The issue should be made global, brought to the notice of the United Nations."

In discussion Shri Mataji also said: "these invaders are cruel and aggressive," and posed a question. "Why did these immigrants from Europe leave their own country?" It was agreed by all present that the Europeans had come with the 'Bible and Gun' and 'Sword and Cross.’ Shri Mataji was informed that the Europeans used Native Indians as slaves to build missions, forced them to work in such missions, and once freed, they were not entitled to any land. They had no rights, no title or deed. Shri Mataji suggested that land should be given to the native Americans, or immigrants will suffer more for their karmas.


The Indians explained their philosophy of being caretakers, using the land as their ancestors did. One such approach was to never take a decision until its impact on the land for the next seven generations was considered. "You are a very natural people," Shri Mataji continued. "Basically they (the immigrants) are racist. They are some sort of a dominating, aggressive people. The ego is so much! My attention is on you. There is so much land, I am sure something will happen. You should act, and say: 'we want justice, we want truth.' You should strike again and again. Their aggression has become subtler, cutting into the earth, destroying plants, the Amazon as well, everywhere."

It was explained to Shri Mataji how the Catholic church forced itself on native peoples. "Did you follow their religion?" Shri Mataji enquired. "No!" Was the resounding answer. "The Catholic Church is in trouble," said Shri Mataji and added,
"people have no respect for Mother Earth. They are gross material people. You have to raise your voices, say to them: 'you are not spiritual people.' They`ve been ruling for 2000 years, with no principles, no precepts, not in their own lives, or in society. So you can say : ´You don`t understand us, you're not spiritual, you only understand materialism and money. For us other things are important. You have no respect for land or the atmosphere. They are just materialist, power and money oriented.' Just challenge them."


"They don`t respect their own people, so how can they respect others?" One man indicated. "Our people were ten thousand strong two hundred years ago, now we are just three hundred." "You blatantly have to challenge them. Americans are not capable of feeling spirituality. If you can give Jews land in Palestine, promised in the Bible, what about you?" continued Shri Mataji. "In every way the suggestion must go, papers, news, letters! I think you people should start a movement of a very deep dimension. You have all my blessings and love. In India`s freedom struggle, we had no way out but non-violence. I`m all with you, all my powers. You are My mediums, the channels. Thousands in America have so much compassion, thousands in America have so much concern and thousands in America have so much guilt. They feel inside they have done something wrong. You just start, you’ll get money, money is never a problem for a good cause." "How do we come together, so many dispersed peoples, now so few?" Shri Mataji was asked. "Hold out your hands, feel, easily you just get it . You are very close to God. You people are the best suited. Since you were sitting here, I was just enjoying. You are a very ancient people."

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